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Jaw Crushers can Work in Low Temperature

Jaw crushers develop continuously with their product performance improving which meets the customers’ demands to the greatest extent.
So far, jaw crushers have been regarded as the core machines applied in the large scale mining manufacturing industry. When the technology of the jaw crusher is developed, the high or low temperature will have much effect on the working process of the crushers.

So how can users solve this problem?
Jaw crushers can work perfectly at the temperature of 50 degree below zero without any load. Since the winter is too cold with quite low temperature, it will not only decrease the service life of the crushers but also make the oil liquid and water in the machine easily freeze. Therefore, we need to do complete checking and maintaining operations for the jaw crushers before the winter comes in order to guarantee the security of the engineering machines in winter and avoid unnecessary problems.

Some tips about how to maintain crushers in the cold winter:
1.The cooling system of the equipment should be checked whether its thermostat is working properly to avoid the engine temperature to turn too high or too low. The sand and mud must be cleaned completely once found in the water tank of the crushers.
2.The electrical equipment should be maintained well. We need to inspect the motor wiring of the accumulator and to adjust the electrolyte density.
3.The charging voltage of the generator should be as well increased. In winter, we should often charge the accumulator and maintain the pre-heating device.

  • Jaw Crushers can Work in Low Temperature
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